Mid-Year WIPs (2016)

The start of 2016 began a lot of changes for me- moving to a different state, starting a different position, and it struck me

Webcomic Preview August 2016 – Creatures

Creatures really make sword and sorcery, fantasy, and supernatural comics interesting, and the upcomic webcomic, Wilindir Dark

Webcomic Preview August 2016 – Characters

Now that I have the scripts almost complete, I’m coming to one of the funnest parts of creating comics- the character de

100 Superheroine Project

This project is my attempt to honor ‘Superheroines’ of American history. I’ll illustrate portraits of 100 wo

Wilindir Dark Preview

About 6 months ago, after a conversation about Sword and Sorcery and Fantasy stories we loved and hated, my wife and I crafted

Book Covers 2011-2015

Throughout the years I’ve had the opportunity to work on book covers in the indie publishing realm. Here are just a few

Cereal of Celebration

This was one of the most amusing accounts I’ve ever worked on. Our team tackled the challenge of celebrating cereal in a

Editorial Illustration (2011-2015)

After getting over my fear of vector, I decided to push the bounds of what it could do. And what better a canvas than a piece

Celebrity Series (Vector Portraits)

It feels like ages ago, but can’t be more than 4 year since I decided I wasn’t going to be afraid of vector anymor

NaNoWriMo 2015

Along with some art challenges, for 2015 I took on some writing challenges. One of which was ‘Sleepwalking with Stranger